Custom Design

Do you want your event to be the one people will travel for just so they might take home some standout bling? We specialise in finishers medals and love seeing people cross the line and be awarded something that recognises their achievement and celebrates where the event is taking place.

There is nothing same same here. Every medal is created specific for your sport or event. Tell us what you like. Maybe you have a pinterest board or some ideas you want to chat about? Perhaps you want your logo to be the hero of the medal? Whatever it is we’re here to listen and create something special for your participants.

Our designs often include cut outs and can be created in 2D or 3D, with or without colour and with a range of plating, attachments and ribbon sizes. We can even incorporate a bottle opener into the medal!


We create a mould for your medal and there is the choice to not date this and reuse it year-on-year. We can then change up your medal with a new ribbon and laser engraving each season. This can be a great option for clubs!


There are many plating options however we have put our most popular below.




Don’t be afraid to mix up the plating in the same medal batch, for example, you may love the Gold, Silver in Matt but prefer the Antique Bronze. Depending on the type of medal this can often work beautifully. Ask us!


Most of the colours you see are soft enamel and we have every colour under the sun.


Ribbons are sublimated and designs can be as creative as you like. They come in a number of widths and a standard length.


Now this is where things get interesting….. various textures can be incorporated into the design. From cross hatch to what looks like tiny raised bubbles we have a range of textures to add an extra element of difference.


Hidden, rectangle, rectangle with oval edges, looped through the top, fixed with a knot…… we have anything you can think up.

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